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Why Vincismile?

  1. Premium Orthodontic Medical Aligner Material

  2. Innovative Industry Leading Double-Aligner-System

  3. Full International Certifications

  4. Patented and Intelligent Software

  5. Orthodontist-Led Team of 3D Virtual Modelling  Treatment Plans

  6. Dedication to Customer Oriented Service

  7. Advanced Auto-Fabrication Technology

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✓ Invisible

VinciSmile aligner is made of transparent polymer materials, and is unobservable by others when you are wearing it.

✓ Comfortable

The algorithm of VinciSmile software can precisely calculate the appropriate amount of tooth movement and avoid irritation to the oral soft tissue which may be caused by the bracket and wire of the traditional fixed aligner.

✓ Removable

VinciSmile aligner is removable, so the patient can take it off before thoroughly cleaning the oral cavity, which can reduce the incidences of caries and demineralization.

✓ Convenient

VinciSmile aligner is free of band, wire or bracket, thus it can save the chair-side time and extend the return visit time.

✓ Visualized Results

The 3D interface of VinciSmile Scheme Viewer displays the complete treatment stages through animation, which makes it easier for the doctors to communicate with the patients.


STEP 1 Clinic Examination

VinciSmile’s cooperative medical institutions perform comprehensive oral examinations for you, including facial & intraoral photography, X-ray, and intraoral scanning or impression making, etc.

STEP 2 Treatment Plan Program

The orthodontist team from VinciSmile Medical Center programs 3D digital treatment plan based on tooth models and provides customized orthodontic solutions.

STEP 3 3D Plan Approval

The doctor interprets the program in 3D animation to show each displacement of your teeth. VinciSmile 3D simulation program makes you view the process and final effect of  your teeth.



STEP 4 Customized Aligner Fabrication

VinciSmile will fabricate your customized aligners by 3D printing technology once your treatment program is approved. Please wear your aligners under your doctor’s guidance.

STEP 5 Regular Revisit

VinciSmile recommends revisiting regularly following your doctor's advice to keep abreast of your treatment progress, to achieve the perfect treatment effect.

STEP 6 Treatment Completed

We recommend wearing VinciSmile retainers after the treatment to keep your beautiful smile.


Orthodontist-Led Team

The team consists of orthodontists with PhDs, masters of orthodontics and 20+ licensed orthodontists. The practising orthodontists engaging with the engineers, VinciSmile team provides the best and practical treatment plans for the patients. 


Customer Oriented Service 

VinciSmile with the European partner Sinolink Healthcare is aiming to provide our cooperated orthodontists' trouble-free experience and to provide a careless smile with affordable cost and comfortable experience.


Intelligent Software &

Digital Design

VinciSmile’s patented software comes with extensive functions to ensure ease of use and accuracy of the design. Doctors and patients can see the whole treatment process and final result before starting the treatment. 

Within 3-5 business days after receipt of the complete patient's oral data, doctors will receive the patient’s  3D virtual treatment plan. The treatment plan.



VinciSmile Academy provides rich online courses to support the community for free;

  • 24/7 Technique support

Two service teams based in the UK and in China to provide the most comprehensive service for our registered dentists;

  • Competitive price

VinciSmile offers the highest cost performance in the market, less input in Marketing, and more in tech support and customer service;

  • Comprehensive supporting devices

VinciSmile is developing supportive devices, including the intraoral scanning device,  CNC Milling Machine, VinciSmile 3D printer.

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