Journey of an Observer’

Clinical doctors arrival for Sinolink observership

The journey of an Observer….

Starting a new job is always daunting, getting used to a new environment, people and getting to grips with the day to day role.

Now add the feeling of leaving your home country, possibly for the first time, leaving your family and friends to embark on an Observership journey for 12 weeks. We at Sinolink, understand this very feeling and have designed a 12-week Observership programme for international doctors and nurses to come and learn how the NHS hospitals work, guiding them through their journey, where the initial feelings of nervous, anxious and unsure of what to expect, subsides into confidence, self-development and well learned.

The 12-week journey does not just begin in London, but pre-organisation is completed before the arrival in the United Kingdom. The organisation of all paperwork, visa, hospital clearance, booking accommodation and transportation.

"A wonderful experience that we will never forget"

The fun begins upon arrival at London International Airport, where a group of doctors and nurses come together, a warm welcome by the Sinolink team. After a 12-hour flight from China, tired, overwhelming feelings of sadness, from leaving loved ones. There is a sense of reassurance that one is not alone, as a group of doctors and nurses meet, their UK family is now formed.

The coach journey to their accommodation, a light introduction into London transportation system. The group of observers are settled into their accommodation, where they receive a Sinolink goody bag, with some essentials to get them started.

The second day in London, first agenda for the day is to attend a ‘welcome meeting’ hosted by the Sinolink team, where they go through the welcome pack, sharing some useful tips to help get integrated into the way of life in London. The group are assigned to a dedicated Sinolink team member who will meet them on their first day at their hospitals, helping them to grips with London transport system, helping them with all their paperwork upon arrival at their hospital as well as introduce them to their consultants.

The 12-week programme is not only designed to gain first-hand experience within the hospitals but an opportunity to learn, where the doctors and nurses get certifications at the end of the programme for completing all the courses. Some of the courses they attend include ‘Conflict avoidance and defence, leadership and team building, cultural adaptation and perfect presentation.

"It has enriched our lives. The programme not only gives you an opportunity to learn but to grow within yourself"

One month into the programme, the observers are fully integrated in the way London way of living. At weekends and week off, they get to explore this beautiful country, trying out different foods and meeting new people. The Sinolink team are always there to support, guide them, making them feel at home. It is the little touches that mean the most, like remembering their birthday’s – sending a card and WeChat message from the team.

At the end of the programme the doctors and nurses take part in presentation day, where they all give a 15min each presentation summarising their journey and what they have learnt in front of hospital peers and constants.

You would be amazed at how quickly time fly’s when you on an Observership programmed. The final journey begins, as the group of doctors and nurses prepare to go home. Coaches booked, Sinolink team arrange a dedicated to help with ‘tax returns’. The feeling of excitement to see their family and friends, as well as a sense of achievement.

Dr Wang from Hunan Province, China said;

“this project has opened my eyes and thinking. Three months is not too long, nor too short. We have lived and studied in London and Sinolink arrange all aspects of our stay, we have not needed to worry about anything"


If you are an individual or a hospital, contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve an observership within the United Kingdom and America.

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