What a difference a year makes….

The saying “Time fly’s when you are having fun” is a true reflection of our time at Sinolink this year. Reflecting back on 2017, this has been a busy and exciting year. Friendships have been formed and stronger relationships have been built through collaborations linking China and the United Kingdom healthcare systems.

We will be bidding farewell to the last three groups of the Observership programme early December. A successful programme created with the patient in mind. Brining in doctors from provinces across China through our partners in Hunan, Zhejiang and Beijing with the main objective to gain first-hand experience in their specialities at our hospital partners at The Royal free London, Imperial College Healthcare, Bristol Urological Institute, St Bart’s, North Middlesex University Hospital.

The Observership 12-week Programme is very close to our hearts, as we get to see the impact it has on the observers that attend. On point of arrival, with all the observers, there is always a nervousness, unaware of what to expect, all leaving their families to experience a new life in a foreign country. We guide them through this process, within two weeks, a change is already being seen within the groups. In no time, they become Londoners, in the hustle and bustle experiencing new cultures, exploring the great city we are so fond of. Travelling across, London, Edinburgh and Ireland. At the end of the Observership programme there is always the great feeling of the sense of achievement, so much knowledge learnt and shared. One resounding feeling in all the groups “we started off as strangers, but leave as family”.

This year we have seen collaborations formed with Hunan Children’s Hospital, where we saw seven consultants from Alder Hey Hospital, Bristol NHS Trust and Royal Brompton attend their International conference. Hunan Children’s Hospital who attended the NHS Expo in Manchester. As well as Senior level groups from Health and Family Planning Commissions (HFPC), Hangzhou Cancer Hospital, to name but a few, through training programmes developed with The Royal College of General Practitioners.

A busy year to say the least, but successful. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our hospital partners for their continued support and look forward to 2018…

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