Farewell, until we meet again….

A beautiful sunny day in London, allowed for a perfect send off for the Zhejiang clinical placements as their three-month Observership programme came to end. Reflecting on their time in the United Kingdom, the atmosphere different to when they arrived, confident, well-learned, and excited about the knowledge that they will bring to their hospitals.

Most of all excitement to see their families again.

During the Observership Programme, the group had the opportunity to gain first-hand experience into their specialities ranging from Endocrinology, Dermatology, General Surgery, Breast Surgery Neurosurgery, Renal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Cardio surgery, Cardiovascular, Haematology and ICU at the Royal Free Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol Urology Institute, North Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust and Newham University Hospital. Government hospitals, where all healthcare if free at the point of delivery, paid by tax payers, allowing for greater quality of healthcare. A system worthwhile. One thing continues to resonate with the consultants,

‘Everything is done with the patient in mind’

Making the most of their time in the UK, for some observers this was their first trip abroad, sightseeing was a must! Visiting tourist attractions in London, whist travelling to Bristol, Scotland and Ireland too, they experienced local delicacies, such as fish and chips, Guinness, Haggis to name but a few.

Zhejiang Observer Group enjoy a day in London

A successful end to the 12-week Observership Programme, the consultants leave with international relationships formed, first-hand experience and insight to the NHS.

Thank you to Alison Shutt, Reyon Yan, Fareida Ibrahim - Royal Free Hospital, Mr Nitin Patel – North Bristol NHS Trust, Mr Salah Albuheissi – Bristol Urology Institute, Mr Wai Yoong – North Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust and Dr Nivenka Jayasekera – Newham University Hospital for hosting the team from the Zhejiang province.

Wishing the team continued success, farewell, until we meet again.

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