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In May 2017 a group of doctors and nurses from Zhejiang province in China arrived in the UK at the start of a three month clinical attachment programme at the Royal Free Hospital London, established by Sinolink and supported by the Central & North West London NHS Trust.

Zhejiang is a province of some 54m people and the 10th largest division in China in terms of population. It has some 31,000 healthcare institutions, over 157,000 medical practitioners and 159,000 registered nurses.

The province is currently involved in introducing advanced medical resources to less developed areas, and now has 47 county and city level hospitals which are co-run with the private sector to meet every day medical needs effectively.

Dr Lin works in an ICU (medical intensive Care Unit) at Ningbo Women and Children’s Hospital in the emergency department, where her responsibilities include evaluating the condition of patients and giving advice or treatment, and the admission and discharge of patients to the general medicine ward in accordance with hospital regulation policy.

In the out-patient department Dr Lin is involved with routine diagnosis and treatment and providing consultations for medical staff such as obstetricians, gynaecologists and fertility doctors.

We interviewed Dr Lin about her visit to the UK and what she hoped to learn from the opportunity & experience.

She was keen to express what a privilege it was to be able to come to the UK and to learn about different medical procedures and practices, observing how doctor’s rounds & procedures compared with her own back in in China, helping broaden medical knowledge and personal career development.

To observe at the Royal Free in London presented a unique opportunity to learn about different techniques over the three month clinical attachment and to share information with colleagues, when returning to China. Dr Lin would certainly recommend the observership programme to colleagues.

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