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What makes PRO-Fit outstanding?


Home Impression

Take impression at home;


Save the trip to the dentists;

Easy and straightforward to operate;

Time-saving and hassle-free.

Lab Experiments

Dental Laboratory-made

UK based dental laboratory;

 Each individual mouthguard is handmade;

 Using only the best UK sourced material;

 Made by dental technicians with over 30 years’ experience.


Comfortable & Protective

 Handcrafting premium quality;

 Tailor-made to fit perfectly;

 Better protection and more comfortable;

 The best performance comes from the best protection.


How does it work?


2 x Pots of impression material (1 x purple, 1 x white)
1 x Impression tray
1 x Card for completion with personal details
1 x Return bag

Yellow Envelope


Timer device (such as phone or stopwatch)
Mirror (if taking own impression)
Tissues (it is quite normal to dribble whilst taking an impression)



1. 2 x pots of impression material to be left at room temperature for 1 hour prior to start
2. Check the empty impression tray fits in your mouth and can easily be removed
3. Brush your teeth, floss and use mouth rinse prior to starting 
4. Make sure your hands are washed and dried thoroughly


1. Mix the putties
2. Roll the mixture
3. Align the tray with your teeth 
4. Place the tray in your mouth and onto your teeth. 
5. Keep constant pressure on the tray.
6. Wait for 3 minutes
7. Rinse under a cold tap, wrap in a paper towel and place back in the bag with your completed name card.

*Please follow the instruction on the Impression bag.


1. Complete the enclosed card and return it in the bag provided along with your completed impression. 

2. Post it as soon as possible, no later than 30 days.

3. The lab receives the impression.

4. Your own perfect fit mouthguard is manufacturing by professionals. 


1. The tailor-made mouthguard will be delivered to you from the lab.

2. Wear it whenever you need and feel the difference: more comfortable and protective.

3. Play your game like the best Pro!

Brushing Teeth
Receiving a parcel

Who is PRO-Fit for?

School Girls During Workout

School pe classes

Football Team



professional training

Flag Football Receiver

Individual requirement

Young Footballers on Bench

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