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Sinolink has established a well-respected clinical Observership Programme that introduces International Doctors and Nurses to the UK National Health Service (NHS), Royal Colleges and other healthcare institutes in Europe, who in turn offer clinical placements for overseas medical professionals in various clinical specialities.  

The aim of this adaptable and flexible Observership Programme now in its tenth year, is to educate doctors and nurses on NHS practises such as patient care, hospital management and patient pathway. We achieve this by placing our clinical observers in an acute and community-based setting that follows the patient from admission to recovery.


The key components of our programme are;


  • Twelve weeks of clinical attachment with an optional two-week community care placement.

  • Programmes tailored to individuals or groups at any time of year.

  • Established relationships with many NHS Trusts.

  • All medical disciplines covered including MDT’s.


Our expertise is based on long term relationships internationally & within Europe, that allow us to effectively manage all clinical attachment requirements. We are the main point of contact for our clinical observers and hosting hospitals throughout their placement.


We have robust organisation, communication and customer service skills to ensure our doctors, nurses and partners’ experience of the programme is effortless, smooth and hassle-free. This covers the arrangement of all clinical placements, accommodation, and transportation as well as the management of all administrative tasks.                                                  


Like to know more? - If you are a healthcare professional in Europe and would be interested in hosting one of our Clinical Observers we would be very happy to explain the benefits of the programme in more detail to you.

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