Case Study 1

Severe underbite in anterior area

Basic Information‍

Name: Ms. Zhai
Gender: Female
Age: 27 yrs old
Chief Complaint: underbite, crowded teeth
HPI: Malalignment occurred after mixed dentition, never treated
Admission Date: 28th Feb, 2018

Clinical Examination

  • Facial and intraoral examination 

The face is asymmetrical, and the chin deviates to right. Angulus oris is asymmetrical when smiling; facial profile presents as concave type; the nasolabial angle is in the acute angle.

Permanent dentition: bimaxillary I°crowding;
Anterior teeth: underbite;
Canines and molars: Class III relationship on both sides;
Midline: the upper midline is in the middle, and the lower midline is about 1mm right advertence.

acute angle.

Treatment Plan
1. Mesialize the lower molars on both sides to correct into neutral relationship, IPR should be avoided on mandibular anterior teeth;
2. Align and level the upper and lower dentition;
3. Use Class III elastics on upper #6 tooth and lower #3 tooth;
4. Treat with VinciSmile invisible clear aligner: totally 70 sets, about 3 years.

VinciSmile 3D Scheme

Case Study 2

Symmetric Extraction

Basic Information‍

Name: Mr. Wang
Gender: Male
Chief Complaint: crowded teeth
HPI: Malalignment occurred after mixed dentition, never treated.
Admission Date: 10th Apr, 2018

Clinical Examination

•    Facial & Intraoral Examination 
Frontal view of the face meets the criteria of harmony; upper lip slightly protrudes, mandible retracts with deep mentolabial sulcus.

Permanent dentition: bilateral molar Class II relationship; 
Anterior teeth: II° overjet, I° overbite;
Upper anterior teeth: II° crowding, upper midline is about 1mm right avertence.
Lower anterior teeth: I° crowding, deep Curve of Spee.

Treatment Plan

1. Extract teeth 14 and 24;
2. Mesialize posterior teeth to correct posterior teeth to Class II relationship;
3. Retract upper anterior teeth, correct overjet relationship;
4. Add IPR on lower anterior teeth to correct crowding, intrude anterior teeth.


VinciSmile 3D Scheme

Case Study

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