Case Study 1

Severe underbite in anterior area

Basic Information‍

Name: Ms. Zhai
Gender: Female
Age: 27 yrs old
Chief Complaint: underbite, crowded teeth
HPI: Malalignment occurred after mixed dentition, never treated
Admission Date: 28th Feb, 2018

Clinical Examination

  • Facial and intraoral examination 

The face is asymmetrical, and the chin deviates to right. Angulus oris is asymmetrical when smiling; facial profile presents as concave type; the nasolabial angle is in the acute angle.


Permanent dentition: bimaxillary I°crowding;
Anterior teeth: underbite;
Canines and molars: Class III relationship on both sides;
Midline: the upper midline is in the middle, and the lower midline is about 1mm right advertence.

acute angle.

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Treatment Plan
1. Mesialize the lower molars on both sides to correct into neutral relationship, IPR should be avoided on mandibular anterior teeth;
2. Align and level the upper and lower dentition;
3. Use Class III elastics on upper #6 tooth and lower #3 tooth;
4. Treat with VinciSmile invisible clear aligner: totally 70 sets, about 3 years.

VinciSmile 3D Scheme


Case Study 2

Symmetric Extraction

before after.jpg

Basic Information‍

Name: Mr. Wang
Gender: Male
Chief Complaint: crowded teeth
HPI: Malalignment occurred after mixed dentition, never treated.
Admission Date: 10th Apr, 2018

Clinical Examination

•    Facial & Intraoral Examination 
Frontal view of the face meets the criteria of harmony; upper lip slightly protrudes, mandible retracts with deep mentolabial sulcus.


Permanent dentition: bilateral molar Class II relationship; 
Anterior teeth: II° overjet, I° overbite;
Upper anterior teeth: II° crowding, upper midline is about 1mm right avertence.
Lower anterior teeth: I° crowding, deep Curve of Spee.

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Treatment Plan

1. Extract teeth 14 and 24;
2. Mesialize posterior teeth to correct posterior teeth to Class II relationship;
3. Retract upper anterior teeth, correct overjet relationship;
4. Add IPR on lower anterior teeth to correct crowding, intrude anterior teeth.


VinciSmile 3D Scheme

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Case Study

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